The Future of FPC

When FansProjectCore (FPC) was announced there was much excitement, a few releases and then silence. Leaving many to question the purpose of the site.

Now is the moment where your patience pays off. Today we reveal the purpose and what the future holds for FansProjectCore.

First and foremost is fan news, this will always be a resource for Fans Project and other related fan news, releases and announcements. If there is information to be had this will be the place to find it.

Secondly, story. We here at Fans Project Core depend on our loyal fan base and we are happy to present you with an ambitious plan to change the model for how a story-based universe is realized. The Fans Project Core fiction will expand upon the story of the Factions and the Crystals as we promised.

What’s more exciting is that stories created for this universe along with the new interesting characters and concepts that may arise, form the basis for ACTUAL PHYSICAL FIGURES and Products produced in the real world.

Third is Membership. For those who have already signed up on the site and chosen an allegiance, you will soon discover what that choice means and how it will influence your impact on the Fans Project Core universe. The Crystals will also factor in but not immediately.

The big news however, is our forthcoming VIP PACKAGE which will be a paid subscription service offering member access to Priority on Exclusive FPC Products, FansProject Freebie Items, Contests and more. (Details to be announced at a later date).

Included in all levels of membership is access to items ONLY available on the Fans Project Core site. This is not a theoretical item that may happen in the future, the first item has been selected and produced, and is a FULL SIZE FIGURE. In addition to this, there will be a complimentary item available as a free gift with the registration of a VIP membership. Both of these items are limited and will not be offered outside of the Fans Project Core website.

Lastly, Influence. How often have you wanted to have a say on what toys get made, which characters designers focus on, what accessories are produced, and what the Exclusives might be? Here we welcome and invite that by using a polling system, voted on by the members, which will determine what items may be produced and where the designers should place their focus.

The most straight forward way to explain the Role of Fans Project Core in the Fans Project world is to say that we are “The Face” of the fans... a separate entity from Fans Project as a manufacturer but an interface between the manufacturing arm and the fan base. Any issues with items will still be handled by the retailers and not directly through this site, but we will provide feedback from the fans to Fans Project and present the designers with the wishes and opinions of the very people who enjoy their products.

Ultimately our aim is to make Fans Project Core a true fan based community.


This is great news! Now hurry up and give us some details on the subscription so I can sign up!

Okay, i have a stupid question. How do you obtain crystals?

Woot! VIP here I come!

Just point me where to sign up. I hope this turns out as awesome as it sounds.

Very cool ideas, I look forward to seeing how they turn out. :D

Count me among those who will be signing up to this service as soon as it's made available. Love FansProject's offerings, and I want to see how this plays out.

Just tell me where to sign for the VIP.
The glory of the Horde will prevail.

I am in there like swim wear! Can't wait to see this subscription service take place :)

Can't wait! I've bought nearly everything FansProject has put out so far. Sign me up for the VIP ASAP!

Bring it on I say