Fans Project Core to Attend TFCON 10th Anniversary!

Fans Project Core will be attending TFCON 2012!


We'll be showing off a whole bunch of goodies at the 10 Year Anniversary of this great Canadian TF Show. Be sure to stop by and say hi. For members that have missed out on the run of Steel Cores, we will have a very limited number available for purchase from some cancelled orders and left over stock we had on the first run.


For members who can't make it out to TFCON, we also had a small number of remaining Steel Cores that we didn't anticipate to be able to sell. We will be announcing those as soon as the first run of orders are fulfilled. So stay tuned for your chance to get in on the extra stock. It's gonna be very limited, so be sure to check back often.


Read More About TFCON here...


The Horde will be there to represent. Happy 10th Anni, TFCon!

All hail the Horde!

Woohoo! I can't wait! I'm very glad to see FansProject back at TFcon! I hope they have some great things to show us!

YEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!! We the fans love you FANSPROJECT I hope my Steel Core is in transit. I can't believe my buddy Chris called the trailer for Steel Core freakish crystal ball action. I have most of your products and will continue to support your ambitions. YOU GUYS WERE AWESOME WITH THE TSUNAMI CHARITY!!!!! Your booth will be the best at TFCON!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm disappointed that I sit here one day away from TFCon and the ability to purchase Stel Core at the show, with my pre-order still pending. What was the point of this process if it would have been faster for me to just buy at the show all along?

Exactly the same thing I was thinking.I think it kind of sucks that people are able to purchase the figure at TFCON before the pre-orders have been filled.

Steel Core pre-order still pending. :(

When's this going to ship? I'm really looking forward to it, especially after all the positive reviews.

I appreciate that it will take time to package and ship the Steel Core orders, let alone for them to arrive, but sitting here the day after the announced ship date I'd really like some more information besides "pending."

That is awesome, I didn't pre order because of TFCon and saving up for it. Here's hoping I can score one at the show! Just got Thundershred the other day to complete my trio and it is SWEEEEEEET!

Since you guys are coming, is it possible just to pick up the figure with my purchase order?, might as well get it now than later

I didn't get the chance to order one the first time through. Hopefully, I will this time.