WTF. Where's My Warbot?


As you can imagine, there are many people anxious to receive their order of Steel Core and the manufacturer has indeed exceeded expectations and delivered the product to Fans Project Core much earlier than the release date of July 31st. It is usually typical for most manufacturers not to ship their product until after their official release date.

But alas, despite our efforts, it has still left several customers without Steel Cores for one reason or another. And as you can imagine the inbox has been slammed with emails simply asking... "other people have gotten it, where's mine?" and other equally popular questions. We have taken every effort to answer these questions... while building out features for our next exciting website announcement... while demanding more exclusives from the manufacturer... while working on getting more steel core's announced so that members that didn't have a chance will still get a chance to get one... while trying to ship the final handful of orders to customers who have already reserved a Steel Core... while trying to... (deeeeeep breath)... you get the idea - there are a billion things we are trying to do for the fans of FPC! And we are excited, but trying to smooth things out on all fronts.

We are also happy to assure those of you who only care about where your Steel Core order is that we are almost done shipping the last orders and we can all clap and be happy together soon!

So in an attempt to answer some questions in mass... here are some FAQ's that we have seen over the past few weeks of delivery:


1) What's the status of my order?, My friend just got their order, is mine coming soon?, I hear a lot of people are getting their Steel Core orders, is mine coming soon?

We are shipping orders in priority of order number, but cannot guarantee that it arrives in the order in which we shipped or guarantee when specific order numbers will be shipped. This is why we have chosen to start our shipping nearly 2 weeks before the release date in hopes to get packages out as fast as possible and that customers receive their orders with as little wait as possible.


You can check the status of your order in your account under your order section (rather than sending us an email, as we do the same thing to check status on our side - Pending means it hasn't shipped, completed means it has). We're happy to do it, but would love to continue to focus on getting other exciting things on the site done for you.


2) I was one of the first to pre-order on your site, yet people that have ordered after me received their item first?


How fans receive their products is some what outside of our control. For example. even though we aim to send out all of our orders in priority of order number, some orders are closer to the origin of the shipping, meaning that you could have a later order number and still receive your product first. Also, we ship our orders in batches, so when it is picked up, there is no guarantee that the shipper processes in the same order we did.

3) I pre-ordered my Steel Core with you in advance and recently attendees of TFCON were able to purchase them at the show. This does not seem fair, why did I pre-order if I could just pick it up at the show?


TFcon was a special event and provided a chance to sell cancelled orders and extra stock we had for Steel Core but was completely not planned and was a last minute surprise to us. People that bought at the con had to pay more for the figure, pay the price of admission and hope that they were 1 of few people to get in line at our booth to purchase the very limited offering (under 50pcs were sold). This is something that online pre-order members did not need to do. You could have waited for tfcon, but there would have been no guarantee that you would receive a figure and you would have had to pay more. As a pre-ordered member, you are guaranteed a figure at the member price.


4) ...I'm curious why I paid for expedited shipping, if other people are getting their orders first?


We do not offer expedited shipping as an option. There was never an option for expedited shipping ever offered. The 3 options were Flat Rate (USPS Priority Mail in USA and International, Canada Post Expedited in Canada), USPS First Class and UPS Ground. We worked very hard to work out the flat rate option to be the most affordable and fastest option for customers. However, based on early feedback, some customers don't want to have only 1 choice of shipping service, as USPS isn't prefered by everybody. UPS Ground costed more as an option, but it was put there to allow another choice for those who wanted it, not as an expedited service. In most cases, nothing is faster than the flat rate option that we offered.


5) Why were orders not all packed ahead of time and shipped on the release date all at once?


There are many reasons that made that process very hard to do. One of the main reasons that we did not do this however is because we ship from different shipping companies and each have different packaging requirements for the shipping prices we offered. Being that it was our very first fulfillment with our shipper, we had snags in receiving the proper packing materials. Rather than make everyone wait, we started shipping in batches according to order priority for the amount of proper supplies we had. We started shipping early to make sure that this error would not cost us more time after the release date. In future, we are aiming to have a more orders batched per shipment making less of a lag between the first orders and last ones.


Many thanks for taking the time to speak with the community here. It means a great deal to hear from you. I'm sure we can all understand that snags were inevitable on the first run of a project of this magnitude. I'm sure it can only get better from here. Looking forward to future exclusives here.

Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go camp out at my mailbox, waiting for my Steel Core. ;)

LOVE the googly eyes. :)

Expedited shipping was offered in a generic term. If flat rate USPS shipping arrives slower than a UPS parcel for the individual, shipping is sped up or expedited. -Just super saiyan. Continue the great work, as I'm sure the FansProject first party goods fans out there are frothing with anticipation.

Thx for comment, I can't wait to see me SC and to see new news for iteam at TFCon ^^

Thanks for the update. I was hearing on some podcasts that some people had already received their Steel Core. I logged in here this morning to check my order status, saw that it was pending, and saw this news update that helped explain what is going on.

The picture is also adorable. ^_^

The update is appreciated. I'm in the process of moving now & don't want any goofs as far as receiving my orders so I have been checking my order status every day. I know all about the delays of product(I run my own business) so all I can say is keep up the effort. I can't wait to get mine & start preorders(I hope you'll do them) for the deluxe/vehicle Insecticon retools, Stunticons & Assaulter.

It's good of you to address these issues for the broader audience. But given this is your first release I have to say that nothing should take priority over fullfilling the orders of those who have put faith in you and given you money upfront over a month ago. Hearing that you are working on other news items is of little consolation to those who are out of as much as $120 and still have nothing to show for it. That this piece was limited to around 800 and it's still taken so long to ship all orders does not fill me with confidence for future releases.

As for the flatrate option being the most affordable; it's certainly the case if you live in North America. If not then it's bordering on extortion.

As I said, it's good that you're willing to communicate everything with your customers, but I for one am not impressed that it's come to this in the first place.

As one of the first, and probably loudest "WTF"-ers - I really appreciate you guys taking the time to not only email me directly, but also posting this.

I'm very excited for him to arrive and I sure can't wait for!!

Just checked the site to see if there were any updates. I had no idea that Steelcore was shipping. Looking forward to my 2 Steelcores. Make mine FP!

Just did a completed search for Steelcore. The average price had been $250, with some going over $300. So have patience everyone, the wait will be worth it!