WB-003 Warbot Assaulter Preorders are now available!

After some back and forth with the manufacturer, we have confirmed that the bonus mini bots will be packaged with FPC versions of Assaulter together with the box. Due to the huge interest in these, the manufacturer has also noted that these minis will also be available with all retailed Assaulters, but packaged separately.

View the product for more information on preorder.


Just Preordered!!!

New here at FansProjectCore, just pre-ordered WB-003 Assaulter YIPPIE!

Love too see FansProject make more Wreckers. Maybe Sandstorm shoud get the FansProject-treatment ;-)

Just Preordered mine. Comon FP now lets get that Steelcore back in stock too XD

I missed WB-002, didn't take a chance on Assaulter. Preordered! I can't wait to get my hands on him!

It's going to be an early Christmas. Haven't gotten anything from FP since the Protector. I need to find where to store my collection though. It's taking up more space in my room with each new figure Hasbro or otherwise.

It's funny they're still calling his alt-mode a "jet" it's more like a flying fortress. I just hope shipping isn't a hassle this time.

PO! Glad I checked early in the morning (at work).

Finally I can sleep at night! Got my Assaulter Pre-ordered!
Hope to see further development of the member advantage though, thought we might have gotten a break on the price again but Happy none the less :-)

This is a real question

Any word on getting the factions together for some long awaited destruction? The Horde craves action!