WB-002 Warbot Steel Core 2nd Release Complete Shipment Arrived!

Thanks to all of our patient fans, we now have received our complete shipment of Steel Cores as of yesterday and have already started processing them for shipment. All orders will be shipped by the end of the week so we look forward to all of you receiving them next week!


Thanks again for supporting this 2nd run, we are happy that Steel Core has been so well received by the fans.


Sweet I cant wait to get mine!! Go job Fansproject!!

Will there be a 3rd release of Steelcore???... I missed him both times... :'(

I must say: "Good job everyone!" And thanks fot the second release! I was really bummed when I missed the first shipment.

Great news!!! So looking forward to it!!!
Will let you know once received...

Excellent! I came here specifically to ask how Steely was coming along. Very glad to hear he's shipping out soon!

Overall I think Steel Core is one of my favorite Transformers toys.
What bothered me was its high cost. I was forced to buy in butchers from the ebay.
I hope to have the honor of owning future releases. Here in Brazil is complicated because of the taxes.
Thanks and take care.

I'm so happy I was able to order my steelcore since I missed the 1st run. Now defender and assaulter will have another member to roll out with