Contest Winners Announcement!

First of all, a big thanks to all of you that participated in the "Count the Solerons" and "Hunt for the Solerons" Contests. The show of support from the fandom for this slice of collecting fun was amazing!

Count The Solerons Grand Prize
Correct Number of Solerons: 303
Fun Fact #1 - Average Number Guessed: 232.5557
Fun Fact #2 - Number Most Often Guessed: 333
PLEASE NOTE: Originally we were only going to give out 1 prize bundle for this. But because there was only 2 exactly correct answers out of the nearly 1000 submissions we received, we felt that the odds of guessing this right was so difficult that we decided to GIVE BOTH CORRECT ANSWERS a prize bundle!!!
Grand Prize Winners:
Duane Odenbach - Langley, BC (Submission #137)
Garland Alexander - San Diego, CA (Submission #422)
Bonus Prize Winner - Be the 333rd Submission (Peaugh Reviews Bonus Contest):
Nick Windsor - Ridgcrest, CA (Submission #333)
Hunt For The Solerons Contest Prize (Kuma Style Contest)
Correct Number of Solerons: 11
Brian Brink - Pike Creek, DE (Submission Feb 15, 2016 3:10pm @