Lost Exo Realm - Drivers 6 Pack

Release Date: 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

We are very sorry to say that due to reasons beyond our control we were unable to bring the Driver sets to TFCon 2016. But we will make this set still available for the limited number we were planning on bringing to the show. 

The drivers will be available until the end of the show on Sunday or while supplies last.

This is a full set of the 6 drivers, each one that eventually gets upgraded into the weapons of the LER Dinos. The ones we were sending to the show did not have boxes. The ones we are offering here will have the boxes but we will have a slight delay in getting the boxes completed. These are due to ship closer to the end of Aug. Thanks for your understanding. 

Each set is $36.99 USD but as we were unable to get them to the show on time, we will be doing a special of $36.99 CAD (or actually the US equivalent) and will include the shipping in that price. We are sorry to have this happen to our fans who were looking forward to having this set at the show.

The drivers will be made available to order at a later time at the regular price of $36.99. Thanks for your understanding.



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