About FansProject Products

FansProject is a group of fans intending to serve the Transformer’s (TF) community around the world with better looking toys. Originating in June 2007, FP's goal is to provide TF fans with a wide variety of upgrades to enhance their current collection. Operated by a group of fans that love toys the way collectors do, FansProject has extensive experience in customizing and has worked in collaboration with toy clubs. Their very first creation, the Cliffjumper add-on set, was made specifically for Asia’s TF club. Since then, FP has received support from fans to manufacture over 20 collector pieces.

With your support, we hope to continue to bring you high quality add-ons and collector sets in the future.

About Fans Project Core

The purpose of the Fans Proejct Core Community is to enrich the already great products and fan base surrounding FP. What this means is that FPC is not mandated by FP to be the exclusive retailer of all things FP, though exclusive products will be something that we will be working at, to continue to reward members with, much like other fan clubs that support other toy lines.

The mandate of FPC is to be different - rather than just being a retailer, we wanted to create a community around stories and push FP products in a direction that can support its designers’ own unique characters and ideas.