UPDATE: Fund Raising For “Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011″

To All the Contributors,

Our goal of 1,500 donations for Japan had just achieved. Thank you for all of your generous donations. Over the last three days, we had managed to help rising more than $20,000 USD.

This is the first time Fansproject managing and trying to ship over a thousand orders in a short period of time.  We are lack of these kinds of experiences.  We hope for your understanding and patience.

After sorting out all of your information, we will be sending confirmation e-mail to confirm your name and your mailing address.   This might take us some time to have it done.   We will keep updating on our website once more information is available.

For those who contributed and for those who missed this opportunity, please continue to show your love, supports, and prays for Japan.

Thank you for participate in this activity.

Again, our thoughts and prayers go out to the people in Japan.



Kudos to the entire Fans Project team!!

is it possible for you to make more of the side arm Blesser i really wanted to buy it the buy the original to go with another transformer but if you only make 1500 then that cant happen

i was so pleased with you doing this
and ordered sidearm
and will soon order protector in the next month

any way we can help with this, or an estimated time of when we can expect the email because each time I look at my email and see it's not there, I'm afraid I messed something up and won't get this

Any update on this? Just curious since it's been a couple of weeks.

I just want to check if this is closed because I never knew about this. and I never kept any reciet but i'd be happy to make another donation for a chance to at this.