Retro Future Update: Megazero Shipment Destroyed.

Dear FP Core members,

We just got word from our freight carrier that due to a catastrophic event, our entire shipment of Megazero figures has been destroyed. Here's the message quoted from our carrier:


"We regret to inform you that your part of the goods does not reach. You have shipped the whole amount of RF-GB03 action figures, RF-gb04 action figures and RF-GB05 figure. In your ship launch, we find a mistake, one of your product is improperly moved to another shipment container. When we tried to find the right product and during exercise lifting RF-GB05 megazero, all box RF-GB05 has breached the side of our transport ship and has been lost. The CTNS has sunk in our oceans, is not able to efficiently retrieve. Coincidently the crane operator was examining your megazero product for his own enjoyment when he was not pay attention to what he was doing and caused this mistake.

This is our mistake, we will work with you to quickly resolve this issue and provide assistance to restore your product. We are very sorry for this, and can not give more consideration to your situation. In any case we will help to ensure that your product can recover for your customers. We have notified your manufacturer dispatch of this situation by phone, they will provide more information to us today."


We at FP Core are devastated and can only picture in our minds what a cruel demise Megazero has had sinking to the bottom of the ocean floor. We are working on a solution with the manufacturer to make sure that all pre-orders get fulfilled ASAP. We are informed that we will still receive the same amount of figures produced as originally intended so we can still stick with our release plans as closely as possible.

We will also be shipping out Tusker and Razorspike as they arrive. For those who have already ordered Megazero together with Tusker and Razorspike, we will ship Megazero out at our expense when he arrives at a later date.

We will keep you updated on this situation.


Thanks for your continued support!

FP Core Staff


This is pretty pathetic. Specifically, that a crane operator is playing with a damn toy whilst doing his job. Kudos to you guys at FPCore for being upfront about the situation, and for shipping MegaZero separately at your expense once the situation is sorted out. I appreciate it.


"Coincidently the crane operator was examining your megazero product for his own enjoyment when he was not pay attention to what he was doing and caused this mistake."
This is the worse part (or worse joke).
Hope you guys will get anything in order soon and not loosing money.
Good luck to you.

That's really too bad to hear about the loss. I'm glad to hear that Razorspike will arrive soon to tide me over, but those poor Megazeroes!

I can only imagine that with the radioactive waters of the area, Megazero we now mutate into some devastating monster and now begin bring ruin throughout the world. Insert evil laugh here.

Wow, that's terrible news! Thanks for letting us know. Poor Megazero.

You have put a lot of love and hard work into the Glacialord figures. I hope the shipping company works with you in rectifying this failure! Please keep up the good work!

I find It very weird that mega zero is being sold in Korea after all your of FP mega zeros are destroyed. Are you FP aware of this?